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Rana's Wedding

A soulful Palestinian beauty (Clara Khoury) in occupied East Jerusalem receives an ultimatum from her father: if she hasn't married by the following afternoon, she'll have to accompany him to Egypt. This lively 2002 feature by Hany Abu-Assad follows the determined young woman as she races around the city trying to locate her lover and a registrar so they can tie the knot, a project endlessly complicated by the rioting, roadblocks, and heavy security that are part of everyday life in the occupied territories. At one point the heroine, frustrated by a dying cell phone, makes a motion to dash it to the ground and finds herself staring down the rifle barrels of a half-dozen frightened Israeli soldiers. Given the tension dogging her every step, I wondered if this would end in bloodshed, but Abu-Assad opts for a more hopeful conclusion, making his film—strange as it may seem—a comedy. 90 min.



  • Hany Abu-Assad


  • Clara Khoury
  • Khalifa Natour
  • Ismael Dabbag
  • Walid Elsalam
  • Zuher Fahoum
  • Bushra Karaman


  • Ihab Lamey
  • Liana Badr


  • Bero Beyer
  • George Ibrahim

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