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Racist Homophobic Foie Gras Lovers 

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"The Final Days of Foie Gras" [Restaurants, May 5] might just as well been entitled "The Final Days of American Empire." Developing a taste for and eating foie gras will not bring the pillars of our society tumbling down. But the decadence that such unconscionable indulgence represents will ultimately do just that. That the Reader has chosen to play a role in this scenario is not really surprising.

It's not the illegal immigrants or the so-called racial minorities that will eventually bring our society to its knees. Nor is it the superrich (there's just not enough of them). No, it's those members of the mostly white middle class who come with a sense of entitlement in terms of the gas-guzzling SUVs they choose to drive, the drugs they use and abuse, the racism they choose to ignore (or embrace), the right of marriage they selfishly deny gays and lesbians, the food orgies (like Taste of Chicago) they indulge in while millions of people around the world are literally starving, and a basic level of health care they deny to everyone so that they can keep their own high-level care for themselves.

Yes, the Reader knows and understands its readers, for they appear to be one and the same.

David Klein

N. Clarendon


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