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Re: “They Got Us Wrong

Haven't seen the show yet, but I do want to offer a thought on the "reality" of the show and Chicagoans ongoing obsession with authenticity in media depictions of the city.

Does every show set here have to portray the Chicago "reality" in such a relentlessly literal way, or can it take some liberties without being ripped to shreds? Do New York, Los Angeles, and to a lesser extent, Boston, San Francisco and Miami residents constantly carp about this issue?

Might the creators have changed the Chicago landscape a little for a reason? I guess a lot of folks will never find out because they are too blinded by this obsession with absolute fidelity over characterization, metaphor and figurative truth. I guess writers should just use "Gotham City" or "Metropolis" anytime they want to tell an urban story that isn't a documentary or biopic.

Posted by preguica on 02/09/2011 at 12:45 PM

Re: “They Didn't Think of the Children

Wait a minute. It's hard to argue that Chicago city government generally and the CHA specifically have not been at times systematically racist, myopic, neglectful and incompetent. That said, how can CHA tenants NOT -ultimately- be blamed for having countless children they could not support? Perhaps this impulse was more forgivable when birth control was unavailable, religious dogma was more influential and it was more common for children to be born to a married couple. How though to explain the last 35 or 40 years when those three factors have not encouraged large families? In that time, welfare was institutionalized, out of wedlock births became the norm and social mores generally were no longer reinforced by a strong social or religious fabric. In the final analysis, generations of children have been born to people who have little skill or interest in nurturing them, yet the people who perpetuate the vicious cycle are NEVER held accountable for deciding to do one thing they absolutely have control over - that is deciding to bring children into the world. It's always the government, business people, the wealthy, the middle class, foreigners, etc., etc. who are blamed for the social ills that ALWAYS follow poverty. No. That is a cop out when applied to the individual. Procreation is a right, I guess, in some sense, but like all rights, there are consequences when exercised. In this case, it's a supremely profound responsibility, yet people like Hunt treat it more as a conditional exercise than a sacred trust. While there is no ethically acceptable way to force people to not have children, it is similarly unacceptable for people who have little prospect of raising a child successfully to create a life that will almost certainly suffer almost every day of its existence. That too is unquestionably morally and ethically wrong. Why do people like Hunt, who I'm sure means well, refuse to see this?

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Posted by preguica on 11/10/2009 at 10:24 AM

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