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With its dripping rainbows, clunky prism, and vague brown mass suggesting a donkey's rear, Biff Bolen's After School Special is a tasteless pop-art/garage-sale monstrosity of a painting--and a neat encapsulation of the overall aesthetic and theme of "Post-Human/Future Tense." Focused on the transformation of culture through technology, the show is aggressively ugly and banal, plugging into the ongoing zeitgeist of a humanity degraded by its own proliferating plastic crap. From Andy Mattern's flat color photos of remote controls to Micah Bowers's Mandroid Seduction, an animation featuring muscled robo-doofuses with televisions for faces, "Post-Human/Future Tense" depicts the singularity as brought to you by Toys "R" Us--a world in which the future is even more materialistic than we are. The one dissenter is Douglas Bosley, represented by a series of etchings showing Hazmat-suited figures standing around helplessly and/or dissolving into Lovecraftian horrors. Bosley's images are skillfully rendered, beautiful in the way that art is traditionally supposed to be beautiful, but also dystopian. The rest of the show accommodates itself to a cyborg future, creating an atmosphere significantly more uncanny than mere pessimism. --Noah Berlatsky



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