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Politics of Envy 

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Re "The Panic in Wicker Park" [August 26]: where are your stories when neighborhoods get worse? Don't people--many more people--suffer then?

Leave it to the muddle-headed bleeding hearts to come up with a pejorative word--gentrification--for making a neighborhood better!

Be honest now: which Wicker Park would you rather have your sister or girlfriend walk through alone at midnight: the Wicker Park of 1994, or the one of 1984?

In the 50s, when the affluent fled to the soon-to-be sprawling suburbs in their government-subsidized cars, filled with government-subsidized gas, on government-subsidized highways, leaving a crime-ridden, crumbling city core, they were (and I believe deservedly) damned. But now that they are moving back into the city, fixing it up, pumping money into it, and making it safe again like it was before the 50s, they are damned as well.

Isn't this whole gentrification nonsense simply the sick, naive politics of envy, which did such damage to Russia during the bulk of this century?

Thank you for your time, and please forgive my anonymity. Clearness of thought and bravery do not necessarily walk hand in hand: I cite Twain's instructions to publish, posthumously, his Letters From the Earth.

Concerned Reader


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