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Sunday, August 20, 2:20 PM

Dispatcher: I have two on Magnolia. One is at 46-- on Magnolia, guy is drinkin' on the sidewalk--how unusual that is up there--and at 46-- we got a couple of companions drinking out on the public way. Let me know if you need anything further on those, if you could, sir.

2323: I'll shag the whole block, how's that?

Dispatcher: That's good, that's what we need.

Sunday, August 20, 3:30 PM

Dispatcher: Sir, start your day out up by Starbucks, 617 W. Diversey, see the manager up there about a regular shoplifter that's always up there. See the manager up at Starbucks, that might be a good way to start the day.

2333: Ehhhh.

Dispatcher: If you like Starbucks.

Sunday, August 20, 3:45 PM

Dispatcher: I got some homeless people by the bus stop, they said they're bein' rowdy by the bus stop. Anybody nearby 41-- N. Sheridan? They have to be rowdy somewhere else. 72, are you anywhere near that on the way into the station?

2372: We're at Sheridan and Dakin right now, squad. Whatta you got?

Dispatcher: 41-- Sheridan, some homeless people in that bus stop making a little too much noise. They'd like 'em to move to some other part of the city.

2372: Yeah, so?

Dispatcher: Well, if you could say hi to 'em and ask 'em could they move on, would that be an option at this point in time?

2372: For you, anything.

Dispatcher: Ten-four, very good.

Sunday, August 20, 3:50 PM

2372: Yeah, they're leavin'.

Dispatcher: Very good. You have a great evening, thanks for your help.

Sunday, August 20, 3:52 PM

Dispatcher: 323?

2323: Double.

Dispatcher: Those homeless people are homeless but they're not stupid. I sent a wagon up and they went to the other side of the street. Now the complainant is callin'. So they did move, but they didn't move far enough. 41-- on Sheridan, ask 'em to get another lease on another park bench, will ya?

Tuesday, August 22, 11:45 PM

Dispatcher: 2343? Supposed to be two male strippers on the street in front of 4-- Melrose. The gentleman says that there's two guys out there strippin' and there's no music to back 'em up.

2343: So we're supposed to provide music?

Dispatcher: Ah yes--ta da da, ta da da da--

2343: I'll do my best.

Dispatcher: I have faith in you, darlin'.

2343: Thank you.


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