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Thursday, November 5, 8:10 PM


1140: Yeah, I explained to the complainant about fighting with the police. She understands now.

Dispatcher: Ten-four.

Thursday, November 5, 9:25 PM

948: Archer and Campbell! Runnin' on...

Dispatcher: We got Archer and Campbell, let's get a couple cars over there. Clear the air.

948: Towards Pershing...

Dispatcher: Someone's running towards Pershing. You've got the air, 948, go with it.

948: [unintelligible] Campbell, grab him.

1212: 1212.

Dispatcher: 12, stay off the air. 948, where are you now?

948: The alley, going southbound, Archer and Campbell.

Dispatcher: Southbound in the alley from Archer and Campbell, southbound in the alley from Archer and Campbell. OK, how many are we chasin'?

948: One male Hispanic.

Dispatcher:OK, one Hispanic? All right, 948, is it one male Hispanic or two males and one Hispanic?

948: Goin' by a garage.

Dispatcher: OK, do we have any cars over there? Who's over there, anybody see him?

948: He's right in this alley somewhere, by Campbell. Saw him runnin', he went in about the fourth or fifth house right off the alley.

Dispatcher: All right, fourth or fifth house off the alley, it's a male Hispanic, five-seven, dressed in all black with a hoodie. What are we chasing him for, 948?

948: He's runnin' while holdin' his waist.

Dispatcher: We're lookin' for a male Hispanic, five-seven, dressed in all black with a hoodie who's runnin' around holdin' his waist.

Thursday, November 5, 9:50 PM

Dispatcher: 2351?

2351: First we arrested him, then she changed her mind, and then we unarrested him.


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