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Sunday, August 9, 11:20 PM

Dispatcher: 712, I guess you can disregard, 752 is gonna take that domestic. 712. 712. 712. 712! Englewood one-two! 712!

Unidentified Caller: They're already in the station, squad.

Dispatcher: I'm trying to give them a disregard on their last assignment--OK, they can go there anyway, then.

Sunday, August 9, 11:35 PM

712: 712.

Dispatcher: 712?

712: We're in seven.

Dispatcher: Yeah, 712, what are ya doin' in seven? I was tryin' to give ya a disregard on that domestic.

712: We're discussing it with the sergeant. We came in for 793 on this domestic.

Dispatcher: All right. Is that the one that 752 took?

712: I guess so.

Dispatcher: So are you up and clear?

712: We're talkin' with the sergeant over the domestic.

Dispatcher: OK. The person shot can wait, then.

Tuesday, August 11, 12:30 AM

756: 756 is clear.

Dispatcher: 756, you're clear, but not for long. 756, right back at ya: domestic, 69-- Honore, 69-- S. Honore. Miles is complaining, says the intoxicated 52-year-old son jumped on his mommy.

756: Ten-four, squad. Does it ever end?

Dispatcher: Never. Job security.

Sunday, August 16, 12:45 AM

Dispatcher: 2514? 2514?

2514: What? I'm doing my nails.

Dispatcher: Well, you'll have to get back to that. I got the disturbance 58-- W. Diversey, loud party in the rear.

2514: A party in somebody's rear? OK!

Dispatcher: Right up yer alley, huh? 2512.

2512: Cut the crap.

Dispatcher: Just a joke.


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