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Friday, June 13, 11:15 PM--

Saturday, June 14, 12:15 AM

Dispatcher: Disturbances, 19-- Kedzie, 28-- Wilcox, 9-- N. Karlov, 31-- Flournoy, that's at the courthouse, at the courthouse. Person with a gun, 14-- Kostner. You got a person with a gun at that location--men with guns shootin', fightin' in the street, no complainant, no nothin', zone ten.

1110: You got a roving foot patrol to stand by on Division and Hamlin for the looted businesses?

Dispatcher: I need a roving foot patrol, Division and Hamlin. They're breakin' in a store, Jackson and Campbell. I got fresh shots fired, guys, fresh shots fired, 4-- N. Ridgeway, 41-- Crenshaw. More looting, 12-- Kinzie, 40-- on 26th Street, they're breakin' in.


589: Citizen says 111th and 110th block of Indiana there are men with guns and they're jumpin' on top of cars and damagin' 'em.


127: Can you let somebody in 18 know that three cars just went northbound the wrong way down Wells at a high rate of speed going towards Kinzie? Tell 'em to look out.


2190-A: We were drawing some fire from some buildings to the north of here. There were snipers on the roof. See 'em?

2100: I'll check with their coordinator.

Dispatcher: Attention units in 21, we're getting shots fired, 45-- Drexel, shots fired. Also we're getting a disturbance at 45-- Ellis. All this happening in zone five in the 21st district.


Dispatcher: 1624? Teens are checking the autos, 63-- W. Irving. Uh, they're walking on the autos over there, walking on 'em.


Dispatcher: Suspicious person, 23-- west on Grand, male white, short blond hair. Has a baseball.


Dispatcher: Everybody at Fullerton and Lake Shore Drive, send them to Hollywood, they can't get off anyplace in our zone. Send them all the way to Hollywood.

1920: Everything's OK, we got the nitwits drivin' around, but there's nothin' happenin'.

Dispatcher: 1969-Boy, I got a suspicious person, 27-- N. Hoyne, it's a female black wearing only a white top arguing with a man in the middle of the street. 1969-Boy, you gonna check that out? OK, thanks.


Dispatcher: All right boys and girls, fresh jobs comin' in, here we go: got the alarm, 19-- Keeler; got battery in progress 47-- Jackson; battery in progress 26-- on 12th Place; robbery in progress, shooting, looting, 19-- Keeler; shots fired 28-- Lawndale; 41-- Crenshaw, shots fired; 33-- Madison, shots fired; 43-- on 25th Street I got a fire comin' in. 1032?

1032: Got any more on that male white Hispanic with a gun, squad?

Dispatcher: Baggy black pants and a silver revolver, that's all I can tell ya.

1032: Ten-four, thank you.

Unidentified Caller: Can you hold me down? It's my day off.

Dispatcher: Yeah, but listen, aren't you having a good time for time and a half?

Unidentified Caller: Fuck no.

Dispatcher: Where else could you make this much money and have so much fun?


Dispatcher: All units stand by. Units in 25 and citywide, we're getting a ten-one, a ten-one, 24-- N. Laurel. Complainant says that a gang of boys are surrounding a single officer. That's a ten-one, units, 24-- N. Laurel. Units in 25 again, we're now getting a ten-one with fire, fire's calling for the assist at 38-- W. Division. They're throwing bricks and bottles at the fire crew at that location. That's the 25th district, zone 12, radio. 2534?

2534: Nothing on Laurel, somebody threw a bottle at somebody's dad. There's no policeman involved.


Dispatcher: 34-- W. Belmont, says they're jumpin' on the cars now.


Dispatcher: Need any help over there at 23-- Stevens?

Unidentified Caller: I'm all right, I got Rita with me.

Dispatcher: Then you don't have to worry about nothing.


1154: 54. Can we get the services of air unit? We need some light on the back of 25-- W. Jackson. They're ganging up back there in the dark area, and it's just rainin' rocks and bottles on our squads.

Dispatcher: Do you want the lights or do you want some help?

1154: A unit would be nice but a light would probably scare them and not deplete the units up. 'Cause they got cover of darkness and they just rainin' it down. So if you get a chopper over here, it'll probably do it.

Dispatcher: Ten-four, 54.

Unidentified Caller: Ridgeway and Chicago, we're gettin' bottles thrown at us!

Dispatcher: Ridgeway and Chicago, I need help.

1044: 1044.

Dispatcher: 44, 4499's comin' out of the academy right now, he's got five sergeants and 45 patrolmen, where do you want them to go?

1044: 16th and Homan.

Dispatcher: He's got 'em on the horses, they're en route. OK, shots fired, 19-- Sawyer, gettin' shots fired. Someone needs help, 15-- Avers, 15-- Troy, 11-- S. Troy, they need help. There's shots fired, 38-- Polk, 39-- Lexington, and 35 are you OK? 1135?

1135: All right. We're changin' a flat.

Dispatcher: All right, 38-- Polk, shots fired, machine-gun fire...I don't believe that's possible. I got a person shot, 41-- Jackson, person shot, fire's responding.

1107: Call in the air strike--emergency.

Dispatcher: Yeah 7, go with your emergency.

1107: We're getting hit with bricks and bottles.

1004: Emergency, 1004-Adam, 16th and Drake is going up!

Dispatcher: You know what, 4499's en route with 45 patrolmen, he's en route.

1004: They're pullin' up. Slow it down on Drake, they got it under control.

Unidentified Caller: Bulls win.


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