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Tuesday, August 27, 8:15 PM

Dispatcher: Somebody go over to 33 W. Kinzie, that's Harry Caray's Restaurant. They have a bomb threat, a bomb threat faxed to the restaurant. Says it's five pages and has sender's name and phone number on it.

Unidentified caller: Squad, was the name ______ and did it say "boom" at the end?

Dispatcher: Yes, that is the name. Can't say about the end though.

Unidentified caller: Yeah, this guy's been sending these around for the past couple weeks--the Bar Association got one and the AMA. Just another one for the file.

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four. We'll send somebody over to pick it up and file it.

Tuesday, September 3, 12:55 AM

Dispatcher: 1121, you're still lookin' for blood stains or something, right?

1121: Yep, sniffin' around.

Dispatcher: I gotta ask, are ya down on all fours?

1121: Just keep that little picture in your mind, sir.

Dispatcher: I have it, thank you very much. I have to get a cigarette now. 1122, 1122?

1122: Squad, we're doin' a curfew right now, what you got?

Dispatcher: All right, this isn't gonna hurt. When you get done with your curfew I'm gonna send you to Sacred Heart. I have--I don't--I have two, maybe three stiffs...could ya bend one in your trunk for the morgue?

1122: Say what?

Dispatcher: I said, can ya bend one in your trunk for the morgue?

1122: How about my glove box?

Dispatcher: Yeah, if it's a baby, I don't know...1020? Since you couldn't put a stiff in your trunk, would you do me a favor and take a look at a suspicious auto with no occupants, a blue Chevy, male black, white tee--says no occupants and they gave me a description of some guy.

1020: Huh?

Dispatcher: Hey, I was just mumbling under my breath before I gave it to you. Just tell 'em a suspicious auto with no occupants--it's a blue Chevy with a male black, white T-shirt and jeans, walking around the car now. This ain't rocket science, but Jesus Christ! If you need any help over there, just give me a scream, would ya?

1020 (laughing): Where is that?

Dispatcher: Oh come on, look into those crystal balls of yours--it's 3202 Ogden at the Church of Lord Jesus Christ!

1020: OK, Jesus Christ.

Dispatcher: You should know that, you should have known that. So you couldn't pick up the stiff but how's that?

1020: They gave me one of those the other day.

Dispatcher: First one in a long time, I understand, huh?

1020: It was real easy. I don't know if we took 'im in the trunk. We'll have to look in the trunk, start checkin' that later.

Dispatcher: 1022?

1022: 1022.

Dispatcher: 1022, listen, take this job with 1020, and I'm even going to tell you where this is at--it's a suspicious auto with no occupants. It's a blue Chevy, it has a male black with white T-shirt and jeans, and I'm betting even you can figure this out, that there must be an occupant in this car. 3202 Ogden at the Church of Lord Jesus Christ--if you could help out 1020, OK?

1020: 1020 again. There's nobody here, don't send anybody else over here.

Dispatcher: OK, 22, take a disregard.


1022: Amen.


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