Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure | Chicago Reader

Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure

Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy's advocacy video makes a compelling case against American antidrug and military aid programs in Colombia. Tight montages of talking heads argue that 20 years of aerial spraying of coca crops has failed to curtail cocaine production while causing unconscionable ecological and human damage (a farmer recounts how his banana and yuca crops were also sprayed). The video further suggests that “Plan Colombia”—which entailed billions of dollars in aid to the Colombian military—was actually intended as an intervention in Colombia's civil war: since 9/11, the aid package has been redefined as a measure against “terrorism” in the form of leftist guerrilla forces, who may have been our real target all along. In Spanish with subtitles. 56 min.


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