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Part of the Problem 

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To the editors:

Your decision to publish "The Return of Larry Eyler" story [July 31] was a very noble and honorable contribution to the local community; and I am sure this is another medal to pin upon your billowed chest of altruistic publishing. However, you fail to see what you are actually, freely, contributing to the community on a weekly basis.

On the one hand, you are enlightening us to the sexual abuse, dysfunction, and murder that takes place in our community, yet on the other hand you feed that sexual dysfunction by your decision to list Adult Services in Section 3 of your weekly published Reader. Are we not, as they say, robbing Peter to pay Paul? You line your pockets with a clear conscience from the revenues of those ads, yet you are undoubtedly adding to the body count which they eventually produce.

You see yourself as the "Knight in Shining Armor" that wages battle against evil in our society by your decisions to print in-depth articles on sex and violence (that happens to be a very real part of our society); and yes, you do print what is never thoroughly covered in other print media in this city, but you are also one of those fat vultures that builds circulation to sell advertising through that well traveled tool of the cover story of sex and violence. Please spare us the facade that you are contributing to part of the solution, when indeed you are a serious and long-term part of the problem.

Maybe that much needed workout for that small, clouded, and greedy mind of yours should take precedence over the immediate physical concerns.

Rick Edward Smith



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