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Out of Order 

Excerpts From the Minutes of a Theater Awards Committe Meeting

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Mrs. Thomas said that there had been another letter from the Goodman Theatre people saying that we better not make the same mistake about not nominating that play about Frank Turner as we did about that play last year where Oedipus was black.

Mr. Davis said just what was implied by the letter from the Goodman Theatre people? Was it some sort of threat? Did Bob Falls think that he could run this town?

Ms. Schwartz said she didnt see what all the fuss was about as everyone she had talked to was going to vote for The Iceman Cometh and wouldn't that just shut Bob Falls up once and for all?

Mrs. Cameron said that all of those nasty people who say all of those mean things about us would say that if we didn't nominate the Joe Franklin play people would say we had some sort of racial problem.

Mr. Szilard said that ATNPWSATMTAU could not be allowed to dictate to us and this wasn't the NAACP and all of those people were just trying to be troublemakers and this town wasn't going to get any real respect until we saw a whole lot more Andrew Lloyd Webber instead of all of this political crap.

Mr. Walters said he likes the shows with dancing in them and that he seemed to recall that the Pete Turner show had a dance in it but that there didn't seem to be a band and that this was very confusing.

Mrs. Joseph said that the matter of the awards dinner needed to be taken up and that if we wanted to get any respect we should really charge $50 a person and why should all of these actors get in for free?

Mr. Walters said that the added expense could be justified by having more scenes from the shows with dancing.

Essee said that the meeting seemed to be going on rather long.

Mrs. Rosenstein said I like your hair

Essee said thank you.

Mrs. Ando made an unfavorable reference to the conflict-of-interest policy.

Mrs. Rosenstein said no I meant Mrs. Joseph's hair.


Mrs. Ando asked if anyone thought that just because she might be an investor in a show it would influence her votes? Where did people think she got her expertise which by the way was in increasingly short supply on the committee?

Chairman McDonald said that would be enough on the so-called expertise issue and that he had gone to the theater for many years in Cleveland before moving here and that no one was going to question his commitment and he didn't give two shakes for what ATNPWSATMTAU had to say and that he didn't need to hear it from the members of the committee.

Mrs. Joseph said I'm glad you like it.

Mr. Reed asked if Ben Turner was the play with black people in it and said if this was still a problem with ATNPWSATMTAU couldn't they just have some black people be presenters at awards night?

Mrs. Rosenstein said who does it?

Mr. Reed said he imagined any black actor could do it.

Mrs. Rosenstein said no, she meant who does Mrs. Joseph's hair?

Mr. Szilard said maybe they could just shut ATNP up by voting for the Woody Guthrie show as the best musical as that would throw them their political bone and anyway the field at the dinner theaters was rather thin this year.

Mr. Walters said he did not see how you could call Brigadoon thin.

Mr. Kauffman said Brigadoon yet.

Mrs. Joseph said Jerry Gordon.

Mr. Davis said that there was sure to be some hooting and hollering if Albert Finney won the best actor award and why didn't they do some retabulating of the statistics so some of the local actors could at least say they were nominated?

Mrs. Rosenstein said she hadn't realized that Jerry Gordon was still going.

Mrs. Joseph said of course he was and that what with all the rotten shows we have to sit through maybe the actors should have to pay more than $50 a person for the show and don't even get her started about the critics.

Mr. Stern said that the whole Ben Turner business was being overblown and just what was the real reason that everyone thought the Awards were good enough to use in their advertising but no one was willing to cough up the dough when it came to having


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