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Our Dated Design 

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To the editors:

I'm sure you all are smart enough to see the irony in this letter. That I would have the temerity to complain about your paper's design, in specific for its old fashioned appearance, while I use an ancient typewriter. But still, please read this letter anyway.

My point is that the Reader looks totally dated. As a result, it is losing readers and possibly revenue to a host of very bad yuppie mags and worse, making people buy The Village Voice. People then get the idea that New York is "ahead" of Chicago and they leave this great city and never come back. I've lost too many friends to this phenomenon and I blame the poor design of The Chicago Reader for roughly half of the friends I've lost to you-know-where.

It just seems weird that a paper with such low expenses, and high ad rates would not wish to modernize its look. The Reader's logo is a case in point. Don't you think the reversed "R' thing is worn out? It says granola to me. It is a tip off to the rest of Seventies cliches that punctuate the magazine. For more examples of Seventies design check out your high school newspaperish section on events around town.

I'm not suggesting you change your editorial rigor, or your classifieds or anything of the kind. I'm just suggesting you pick up a copy of a recent issue of Melody Maker, Spy, or Rolling Stone and discover Eighties design before the Nineties also pass you by.

Thank you for indulging my opinion and my irony.

Troy Torrison

N. Claremont

PS: I think a story on Wax Trax records would be good. Maybe a review of one of their records considering they are the most unique and important label in the city and the region for that matter.


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