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One Vote for "Not Very" 

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Great story that Michael Miner wrote in the current edition ["How Safe Are We?" August 5] concerning the lack of media coverage over the lack of terrorism preparedness. In Chicago, as in all major cities, only cosmetic and superficial steps are being taken in response to possible terror attacks against urban mass transit and other targets. After the London bombings I seriously wondered what city Mayor Daley and Superintendent Cline were talking about. Daley said we can't be attacked because we have the 911 center. And Cline said something equally senseless. If authorities can't stop con games, gangbangers, and other minor crime on el cars, how can they stop devoted terrorists? They don't even admit the possibility that urban terrorism can occur. Daley did close Meigs Field after declaring it an air-safety risk, he said, yet he never admitted foreign reconnaissance took place against downtown Chicago buildings. Their response is all smoke and mirrors so far, installing more video cameras to record the next series of explosions. Perhaps a good first step would be in establishing a Chicago antiterrorism office comparable to the one in New York City.

Bob Zuley



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