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On the Whole, He'd Rather Be in Philadelphia 

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To the editors:

Henderson's 9/1/89 City File column quotes Wm. J. Leahy as averring that only Chicago has a 24-hour classical music station. He forgot to add "in Cook County." Philadelphia has had WFLN for years. One of the other "classical" stations there devotes 2 hours to new age music. 24-hour "classical" stations are likely in other cities too.

What about 24-hour jazz. I miss WRJI at 4 AM. Surely you must have 24-hour jazz in this town of all places. I can't find it. Where?

Lacking is something like Philadelphia's stations devoted solely to post-punk new music. One broadcasts live transmissions from England, Germany and other member countries of the axis, the allies, and triple entente.

Rather than Leahy tossing inaccurate assumptions a la rah rah Chicago, it might be more interesting to see where you stack up against Manhattan. New York has, I think, surprisingly limited radio.

Really like this city, but "largest population of musically literate people anywhere"? City chauvinism. Not a feature article. File under "advertisement, misleading" or "tomato, kissing the locals."

I will say this. Elk Grove Village is the largest, ugliest industrial park I've ever seen, and I hate to break this to you cause you've all been so nice, but you serve the worst hot dogs in the world. You will go to hell for them.

Rocco Disipio

W. Oakdale


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