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To the editors:

I feel compelled to write in response to the article "The Law of Incest" [July 19].

I have very mixed feelings about suing parents for incest. I agree with the closing quote of Nina Corwin when she mentioned the percentage of women for whom " . . . it focuses so much of their lives on the case that they don't get around to putting their lives back in order." In fact, my preliminary reaction to the article was, "Oh no, don't revictimize these victims!"

As is the case with all of the "cans of worms" mentioned in the article, the true hurt and the true harm gets lost in the money. True justice is done when the money and energy is invested in helping home situations; recognizing the value of a strong and healthy family life and encouraging one; strengthening our economy . . . relieving and remedying some of the stresses and living styles that weaken the judgment, coping and morals of people.

Lastly, I found the article's subjects to be contradicting in their stated motives. On the one hand they are stating " . . . the party who willfully did this should be punished for it anyway. And the only way we have is a monetary one." Then on the other hand they say that they are going to make the insurers of the parents responsible. How does that punish the parents?! All that will do is punish other people with an increase in homeowner's insurance--especially if they have kids. If they truly want to punish the parents monetarily then figure out what they are worth and go for that as a maximum.

I urge caution, please don't revictimize these people and please don't just raise yet another area of insurance.

An Anonymous Chicago Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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