In Rotation: Trouble in Mind's Bill Roe on figuring out how to run a label 

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  • Ron Elliott, The Candlestickmaker

Bill Roe, co-owner of Trouble in Mind Records, what he's obsessed with. His answers are . . .

Ron Elliott, The Candlestickmaker Over the past few years I've cultivated a love affair with late-60s LA soft-psych/studio rock. Gene Clark solo was the gateway, leading me to the lone 1970 solo record by Beau Brummels guitarist and singer Ron Elliott, which I am digging hard. It's folk-country at its core, but the lush strings and laid-back psych flourishes have bewitched me. I guess as I've gotten older, the emotion behind certain songs gets me first, but there needs to be more substance (unique arrangements, instrumentation, lyrics) to keep me coming back. This record has all that in spades. Interesting predicament for someone weaned on the blind fury of punk rock, but fuck it. Needs reissuing ASAP!

Finally figuring out how to run an independent label After three years of running Trouble in Mind with Lisa, I finally feel like we know what we're doing over here. Nothing seems weird or alien or confusing anymore, and I'm comfortable and excited for everything we have planned. It's a strange feeling. Buy our records!

Listening to music with my kids Lisa and I have two kids—our daughter, Ronnie, is three and a half and our son, Arthur, is six months. Having children has made me reexamine our music collection; I'm used to throwing on a record according to my mood, but more and more I find myself catering to what I think Ronnie might like (it was a glorious day when she said she liked the Mummies). It's also fun to let her pick out a record and see what happens. She usually likes it, but if she doesn't, she'll tell me. I'm sure this will all be moot when she gets obsessed with whatever the equivalent of Justin Bieber is when she's old enough, but I'm optimistic some of it will stick. Very curious to see what Arthur will like. . . .

He asks . . .


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