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No Train, No Gain 

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I'd like to clarify a few points regarding the film production tax credit bill and its hijacking by the state's black legislators [The Works, June 2]. As someone who can name more than a half dozen black studio mechanics who I worked alongside on The Break-Up, I suggest that Ms. Marsh and Representative Dunkin spend a little more time checking their facts and consulting a dictionary for a definition of minority.

If Representative Dunkin wants to see more minority representation in filmmaking, he would be better off sponsoring legislation offering training programs in the technical aspects of filmmaking rather than forcing a quota system that sends unqualified people on location. It is vitally important that the person rigging the special effects explosion next to Bruce Willis or hanging a 50-pound lighting instrument over Jennifer Aniston's head was not chosen to do so so that some legislator, any legislator, can boast about bringing jobs to his district.

I support the participation of all minorities in the film industry, but not at the cost of safety.

Frank Battaglia



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