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No Attitude 

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To the editors:

Just recently I read Robert McClory's August 7 cover piece on the "Superchurch" (Willow Creek) and wanted to compliment you and him on a good job.

I attended Willow Creek with a friend about a year ago and found it just as McClory described it. So many articles about the place are geared only to evangelical Christians--and thus are extremely adulatory--or at the other extreme to agnostics--and come across as patronizing and smart-alecky about the "marketing" of religion.

McClory, however, let his (quite legitimate) concerns fuel his investigation without indulging in the distortions of cleverness or "attitude."

I showed the article to the minister of my church (average Sunday worship one-half of 1 percent of Willow Creek's!) and we agreed that Willow Creek gives us mainline Protestants nothing to be ashamed of--and nothing to be afraid of.

Congratulations on a very good article.

Allen Smalling

W. Loyola


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