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Congratulations to the Reader for your bravery in printing the graphic pictures of the abused dogs in your September 15 issue. As a no-kill shelter supervisor in an urban environment, the number one cruelty toward animals I see is dogfighting. People NEED to see pictures such as these so as to be aware of how seriously these dogs are abused. Hundreds of dogs are fought every single night all over the city of Chicago. Sergeant Brownstein, in dealing with this inhumane treatment of animals on a daily basis, is to be commended for his bravery and his endurance of the stress involved in rescuing these dogs.

As informative and necessary as this article was, the one fact I feel should have been mentioned is that the American pit bull terrier is a wonderful breed by nature. These dogs are not inherently vicious, as evidenced by their 95 percent passing rate when temperament-tested by the American Canine Temperament Testing Association. The extreme loyalty pit bulls show to their owners is their downfall. If their owners force them to fight, they will, in an effort to please their owners. Sadly, the media's constant portrayal of pit bulls in a negative light stigmatizes them in the public's eye. The general population is led to believe this breed is aggressive by nature when, in actuality, pit bulls are extremely loving and affectionate and make wonderful family dogs.

Catherine Hedges

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