Mysore Woodlands | Rogers Park/West Rogers Park | Indian/Pakistani, Vegetarian/Healthy | Restaurant
Bustling southern Indian restaurant specializing in dosa, larged stuffed rice crepes.

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At Mysore Woodlands, which is named after well-known restaurants in India (the Mysore Woodlands in Westmont is run by is the same family), there are no fewer than 14 types of the house specialty, dosa (thin light rice crepes), including a masala dosa, stuffed with potatoes, onions and spicy chutney, and a massive paper dosa. Other specialties such as pongal, a sweet rice dish, and uppuma (savory cream of wheat with nuts and vegetables) are right on the money. But the best deal is the Mysore Royal Thali, a complete meal served on a large round stainless steel platter dominated by a pile of aromatic basmati rice, the staple of south Indian cuisine. The accompanying army of small dishes includes dal, sambar, vegetable curries, spicy pickled mango or lime, dessert, pappadam, chappati, and thick, creamy curd, which is traditionally eaten last. The dinner portion comes with soup (try the spicy lentil mulligatawny) and a trio of deep-fried appetizers. The Woodland's signature dessert is paysam, a comforting pudding made of vermicelli noodles, milk , honey, raisins, and cashews; there are also spicy masala chai and creamy Mysore-style coffee for after the meal. Service is decent, and Bollywood music plays softly in the background.

Cara Jepsen

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