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Dear Ms. True,

Congratulations to Kari Lydersen and the Reader for a fair, reasonably accurate, and well-written article on the emotional Uptown Wilson Yard issue ("Living Room or Work Space," November 20).

However, I cannot say the same for our alderman of the 46th Ward.

Alderman Shiller (46th) accused me, personally, as a private citizen and volunteer president of the Uptown Chicago Commission (UCC), and went completely out-of-bounds by stating, "Pavilon has opposed every shelter and low-income, even affordable housing project here" (in Uptown).

Ms. Shiller is either very badly informed (and exercises poor judgment in using misinformation) or is simply lying.

There are several proposals and projects of the type she refers to that I did not oppose:

1. The conversion of 4848 N. Winthrop by Travelers and Immigrants Aid to a low-income, subsidized co-op, as well as, the conversion of 5030 N. Marine to a low-income co-op (although I did oppose the nearby San Miguel Apartments conversion).

2. The development of the Ruth Shriman Senior Center, and I voluntarily assisted in negotiating between Reverend Dan Schwick and Buena Park Neighbors.

3. The UCC and I fully supported the proposed renovation of 5050 N. Sheridan to a subsidized, affordable apartment building.

4. I do not oppose and, in fact, congratulate the Voice of the People (VOP) on the good management of many of its properties, but did support the city of Chicago's case regarding the mismanagement and proven criminal activities at one VOP residential building on Winthrop.

5. As well, several other projects too numerous to list here.

As a live-in property owner, I rent to people of Asian, Latino, and many other backgrounds and income levels. My main criteria are that they take responsibility for their leased property and pay their rent in a timely manner. In return, they receive a safe, well-maintained, and reasonably priced apartment.

I resent the accusation by Ms. Shiller and trust the Reader will use its space to clarify the attack on me.

Michael Pavilon


Uptown Chicago



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