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Matches are back! 

We're partying like it's 1999, back when the Reader was the place in Chicago to meet your match.

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Happy to share this planet with you Hey Jean, distance may be the way of the day as you care for family, but we're still on the same planet, even if a few hundred miles away. Thanks for being there for 25+ years!
Twitter: @TracyBaimWCMG

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Ginger-Enthusiast & Cat-Lover Ahoy-hoy. I'm a guy who talks about von Trier & Bowie as easily as Wonder Woman & final girls. More importantly, I'm a guy who listens. I know the horrors of r/Relationships and, madam, I won't lead you there. I also wanna know about you: What do you wish more people would ask?

Yearlong Volunteer Seeks L̶o̶v̶e̶ Fun Night and Free Dinner Bitchy, but in a funny way. Believe in Oxford Comma always, always, and forever. I live in an old convent with nine roommates who make no salary. Side note: we're looking for a community sugar daddy.
Instagram: @americancrust

Let's do the Karlton You keep me on my toes. You lift me above all boats. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You also piss me off, but what can I say you're the apple of my eye.
You're a hunk.
I'm a dime.
Together we're as cute as apple pie.
Let's get back together cuz I miss ya in my life.
Instagram: @yazmoody

Honey Money All my life I've been searching, well the search is over. Love is hard and has its ups and downs. But we're working on things to turn those frowns upside down. You're the cutest girl in the world, even cuter than bunnies. I love you, you're my world my sweet honey money.
Instagram: @sir_chiefton

Adventure is Out There (29m) Theater nerd with a passion for creating adventures. Have a day free? Let's go to the Bahai'i temple and walk around, hit up the Chicago Magic Lounge, or take a trail walk through a state park (when it's warmer). Also a big fan of drinking coffee and pointing out cute dogs.
Instagram: @ImCharlieBaker

Souvenir Sweethearts Do you ever find yourself spending more time perusing the museum gift shop than the exhibits themselves? I'm looking for a man to join me on my quest to find the Ultimate Souvenir. We can hold hands amongst the overpriced coffee mugs and novelty pencil sharpeners.

Looking for Mr/Ms/Mx Right (Now, & In My Neighborhood) Are you tired of an actual relationship? Me too. Let's connect, have some drinks & see what casual dating is all about. I'm a 50yr old tall trans queer woman. Interested in a human being of any (or no) gender, if you're a boy, it'd be nice if you're taller than me. -Logan Square

Be Part of A Kinda Reality Dating Show for 45+ Recorded in River North Studio Are you 45+ and currently or open to being back in the dating scene.... an interesting personality -whose dating life often has unusual results ? If you're open to sharing your story on social and digital platforms and you'd like to be part of a new dating show -Contact Us
Instagram: @lifebeginsat47
Twitter: @lifebeginsat47

Man Seeking Woman: The Movie How we think we met:
(ext. Old Style sign hanging on corner)
(int. dive bar)
Me: One Malort please.
You: One Malort please.
Us: Jinx.
(you blush as Wilco plays)
Me: May I kiss you?
You: I don't know, may you?
(we kiss)
Joe Swanberg: Cut!

How we actually met:
The Chicago Reader

Mustard Man We connected over our love for mustard while both wine-drunk in the mustard section at the Fullerton Whole Foods. I told you I couldn't justify spending $7 on a beer & honey mustard.
You told me I should pour Miller Lite into the $2 honey mustard.
I'm still laughing at that.
Twitter: @fernandezrachel

SPARKLE MOTION Inquisitive, "intimidating," ingenious, 34 - 5'8" Asian time traveler (she/her) bored of the same old. Are you a cool headed, ambitious, financially stable & available (in all respects) man ready for witty barbs, spontaneous quests, honest debates to kick us out of this loop?
Instagram: @heysandylee

Spinning Through The Town 29 F seeking M to take a chance on a love that burns hot enough to last.
Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna go out to eat with somebody
Yeah I want to take pants off somebody
Off somebody who loves me
Instagram: @have_youmetjess

How fun is this??? Remember Reader Personals being the place to get lost in romance? How fun it was to read those ads and secretly hope one was meant for you? If so, you're old enough to keep reading this ad. Let's meet up for coffee in the Loop and discuss Ben Joravsky's latest column.

Great guy looking for great girl I am a very affectionate person who likes holding hands and cuddling. I am very spontaneous and enjoy many forms of entertainment including watching many movies (in a theater mostly), concerts of any genre and plays, etc. I love nature and traveling as much as possible.

God willing, we'll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money 33, woman, jesus-follower who loves film and thinks the world would be in trouble without jazz. Laughs loud and often, mostly in museums. Seeking man 28-40 for LTR.
You: jesus-follower who's curious about the world and ppl's stories. Travel often and willing to share your sushi.

We can stay up all night looking at the criterion collection and talking CS Lewis Ray, 31
Quiet, Wise, Deceptively Silly, Weirdly Deep, Refreshingly Devout, Peculiarly Pious...Smells Good.....Has Nice Teeth.
Likes accents.....always thought it be cool to date someone from a different culture. IDK...too much I Love Lucy I guess.
Twitter: @mrchicago12

I'm just an animal looking for a home Sweet & salty single lady, 30, seeking man with sharp wit and strong hands. Let's debate whether Silver Springs should have been on Rumours, or make out in the back of Music Box. If it goes well, I'll make you dinner while you read Das Kapital. (I look great in an apron.)
Text: 206-414-9627

Getting stuck in the middle seat next to you was the best flight of my life. 40, woman, Jesus-loving Christian who loves to travel, history, sports, and dancing. I laugh often, because life is short. Seeking man, 35-47 for LTR.
You: Jesus-loving Christian who travels and wants to unlock their inner nerd while sharing life's adventures and ice cream.

Live, Laugh, and Love Fully Attractive bi-racial SF, 56 y.o. 5'8"", 155lbs. seeking SBM, 55-60 y.o., 6'0""- 6'5"" for friendship and possibly more
I enjoy a good conversation, working out, outdoors, cooking, reading, Black Ensemble Theater, and our Lakefront, PBS programs, old TV shows, all types of music

Light my fire; be my match. Hi! Long time reader of the Reader first time writer of the personal ad. I am female, just turned 38. Open to all genders. I like creating, thinking, exploring. My interests and accomplishments are as varied as the ice cream flavors at Jeni's. I look forward to hearing from you!

A "cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish" girl seeks a nice boy Unpopular opinion but Parks & Rec is better than The Office. Maybe you agree, maybe you don't. Lucky for you, I have other interests, like searching for the best ramen spot, dancing, listening to podcasts & finding good happy hour deals. Let's meet up! PS I'm 24 if that matters

It's Genie's Birthday! Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday to Genie, my hilarious, talented, smart, and wonderful mom. Mama Say Mama Sa Mamacusa!
Instagram: @hollohulo

INTENSE ETHEREAL WHOOSHING SM 32 6' dutch, cyclist, nerdy weirdo seeking similarly strange woman for LSD bike rides, digital dungeon crawls, and matinee movies. Let's rock!

Is It You? Want SDWWM 63-76 ed/profl fun humorous giving 64 SWJPF grad ed. in Lincoln Park- no children, no pets. Enjoy pickleball, cubs, plays, movies, dining, travel, current events, lectures, fashion, investing, biking etc slender with gorgeous green eyes blond hair- fin stable. Want SDWWM 63-76 ed/prof

Vivacious, sparkly, #stacked 33F Seeking gainfully employed, light-hearted, cultured, centered, athletic, tall/dark/handsome woke adult male, with varied interests who knows how to plan dates.

Let's have some fun and laughter! Life is good and I am looking for a guy who enjoys fun, laughter, music and cultural events. For me it doesn't get much better than that. Let's connect and see what happens. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Opened to friendship and possibly romance. Seize the moment.

sexy senior searcher Although there's some snow on the roof, this active 60+ still has a fire down below...seeking a lady who enjoys life. Attitude important...appearance not.

Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For? (And Other Cheesy Jokes) Library science student, roller derby skater, and performer seeking women/non-binary folx to adventure and laugh with. Interests include skating, hiking, hanging out at the GP Conservatory, art-ing, cooking, and finding new hobbies to take on.
Twitter: @lisadubs13
Instagram: @lisaintheevening   v

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