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Re: “Governor Quinn gives Mayor Rahm the finger one last time

It should read "Governor Quinn strengthens his ties to the Chicago Mob by appointing Lou Bertuca, the son of the infamous Mafia bag man and retired Chicago Police Officer Anthony “Tony” Bertuca, to the ISFA.

This is only the latest Mobbed up appointee by Gov. Quinn.…

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Posted by Mandrake Park on 12/13/2014 at 3:58 PM

Re: “The anyone-but-Rahm crowd throws a rally!

Shorty Lee, I would have assumed a delegate would not discuss publicly what went on/was said at that meeting. But clearly your wording has shifted from "she has made it very clear that she will not run for mayor" and "she has no plans to run for mayor" it's my well sourced understanding that numerous progressive delegates( who are in all settings quite rawkus about her running) and progressive leaders locally and nationally are working diligently to alter her plans, as her plans have been altered before, just like Harold Washington's plans got altered when steam picked up for him to run. It's also know first hand that the mainstream liberal factions in the teachers union, which mirrors the made stream liberal community in Chicago are most certainly afraid of a non status quo candidate such as Karen who would shake Chicago up. But I say let the good times roll.

Posted by Mandrake Park on 10/22/2013 at 7:39 AM

Re: “The anyone-but-Rahm crowd throws a rally!

I'm old school Englewood. I'm talking roller skating 63rd and Elizabeth and yea I was at the UIC rally with Harold in 83. Yea I was also in The Greens aka Cabrini and Robert Taylor and Ickes campaigning with others with Harold up in there with Lu Palmer and Conrad. it was magic back then. I also remember before then when Mike Royko spoke for Black people in the projects until it looked like Harold Washington could get elected to Mayor and then Mike Royko became like every other white liberal, afraid that Harold could actually be mayor of Chicago. He wasn't out and out against Harold, but he wasn't really for him either. He even called Harold a crook in the news paper. Ben Joravsky aint nothing but a modern day Mike Royko with less money, which makes it even badder. Joravsky wrote a book about black kids playing basket ball in the projects who failed because of racism. Yet he wants Preckwinkle to be Mayor who tore down projects on the southside with Mayor Daley sending poor people to the suburbs and causing gangs to kill each other in woodlawn,, Douglas and Englewood. White folks aint got no shame in Chicago. I'd rather deal with the southern racist cause at least they honest!

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Posted by Mandrake Park on 10/18/2013 at 2:52 AM

Re: “At Saint Sabina, basketball and boos for Mayor Rahm

So Jimbo

you've analyzed the situation with vigor clarity, and with great profundity. You're basically describing a burning city, but refuse to get behind the only person who right now is battling to save it, Karen Lewis.

Do YOU have a candidate?

Or do you, like Marco from Tropoje, suggest we reach down into the CityHall Spittoon. Do you want some baby hack like Roderick Sawyer, who's far more full of himself than his old man? Or are you waiting for the lethargic, mum's the word Miguel Del Valle who had no problem being Neutered by Daley, who signed a see, hear, and speak no evil, contract, agreeing to remain silent, as a pawn upon being appointed "clerk" in Daley's store. Is that the best we can do? Do you think Bob Fioretti will be able to inspire Blacks and Hispanics?

Or are you like Ben Joravsky, waiting for Toni Preckwinkle . Glorious Toni who in partnership with the carnivores U of C, and Daley, ethnically cleansed whole swarths of Bronzeville, Englewood, Douglas, and Woodlawn, which caused so much gang violence. Glorious Toni, who got rid of the last bastion of Black middle class patronage yet retained The Madigan,Daley, Burke, etc, white patronage in Cook County. Glorious Toni who will be the back up candidate for the monied Penny Pritzker elite class, if Rahm isn't salvageable.

What the fuck is with you people? Haven't you seen this dance before? Some top down campaign that never gets traction because it's not organically grassroots? A campaign that starts "properly" during election season? Rahm is waging his reelection right now and the only person who is fighting him is Karen Lewis. She is campaigning now for all practical purposes. But you people are sitting on the side line waiting Godot, who aint coming. All you people are doing is running an "Any Body But Rahm Campaign" who does that? All you're doing is opening the door for a lessor of two evils, still evil just less so than this current villain, meanwhile the real candidate is working right now, Karen Lewis. Wake up Chicago!

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Posted by Mandrake Park on 09/28/2013 at 12:31 PM

Re: “Who got in to the UNO school built with clout?

I miss the good old days, when UNO was just a card game that my grandma played

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Posted by Mandrake Park on 09/24/2013 at 5:29 PM

Re: “Mayor Rahm to Karen Lewis: Won't you be my friend?

No Original IAC, there YOU go again.

Have you NOT been paying attention, the the unemployment and the foreclosures? Investment bankers no longer invest in America, they take from America, you may not "hear" that giant sucking sound, but take the blinders off an you will see it. And politicians like Rahm invite these financial vampires inside to feed off the populace. Wake up sucka! There is a war going on and the people are losing badly, which is why Karen Lewis is so very relevant in these sad and pathetic times of robber baron banditry.

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Posted by Mandrake Park on 09/13/2013 at 10:46 AM

Re: “Mayor Rahm to Karen Lewis: Won't you be my friend?

Really Sad;

All I can go by is what you write and juxtapose it along side Chicago's political history and the fact that after all these years Chicago remains America's most segregated city. Given this deeply entrenched segregation in Chicago, racism, and classism lacks the nuance and complexity of say New York, Philly, D.C., or New Orleans. And as a student of Harold Washington's election, I saw every thing imaginable with white liberal "noblesse oblige" in relationship to the protection and expansion of their privilege and in fact I came away profoundly sad. Interestingly enough Harold Washington after his last election was actually downhearted and dismayed at his lack of support from white lake front liberals, actually taken into context statistically he gained more support in white middle class communities then he did along the lack front. Trust me, liberals in Chicago are not what they appear or pretend to be. But if this means any thing to yo Really sad, I do not put you in the above category and if I might be so bold, check out a book by Gary Rivlin called "Fire on the Prairie: Chicago's Harold Washington and the Politics of Race" if you ever have the chance.

Thank you for the luck, as it's well needed, especially in some communities.

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Posted by Mandrake Park on 09/12/2013 at 4:05 PM

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