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Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

If only ginkabooba were the answer, Hi Health would post the biggest profits in history, and every rehab place in the history would be out of business.

Sadly, I think DC's problems run much bigger than can be cured by an over the counter remedy. Who knows what his personal poison of choice is, be it drugs, alcohol, prescription, non prescription, chemical, organic, whatever, but clearly he is surrounded by enablers who are happy to make a dollar off of him and let him ruin his reputation and make a total ass out of himself, let alone the fact of also allowing people to spend their hard earned money and time on a show where everyone involved has to know that the odds of having be a disaster are sky high.

I personally think his band members need to get medals for not drinking themselves silly prior to the show, they have to just cringe and cross themselves before getting on stage, knowing what's in store. I wonder what the longevity is for the band would have to believe they turn over pretty quickly.

No professional would work with DC at this point, after reading the reviews from his last years shows that explains why he would have such a moron represent him in Phoenix...when the guy came on stage and made the announcement that he knew there were 'alot of pissed off people out there'....since DC had blown off the meet and greet for 50 guests, but the mgr let the entire audience know about it, gave us the first clue that he wasn't the sharpest 'spin doctor' in the industry.

Hopefully someone, somewhere, will be able to get him the help he needs. His wife is probably so grateful to get him out of the house that she doesn't have it in her to try to keep him at home. He certainly doesn't across as a NICE drunk....

One would think that with the history of his past years perforrmances promotors would stop booking him. It's been all over the airwaves here in Phoenix today, I think all 150 people that were there have called into one radio show or another, talking about it.

Posted by Lola33 on 11/22/2010 at 6:21 PM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

WOW. Just saw David Cassidy last night in Phoenix, AZ...Nov 20th, 2010 and just curious if last nights train wreck was an aberration or par for the course. Sounds like this is pretty typical for David these days. What a shame.

David needs to STOP taking drugs, or START taking ginkaboboa because the guy is literally incoherent.

Did not complete one single song last night...literallly started and stopped during each one and then would ramble off course on a totally different subject.

Lambasted the audience, telling us that 20/20 was there to shot a spot on him and that we were the dullest audience that he had ever played to, and then wondered if we it was because we were all either to old, to tired, or just to rich!

When audience members left in disguest, he yelled that everyone needed to think how it made the performers feel before doing that, and of course he was pointing at the 3 band members, when the female drummer had just done a terrific piece, and p eople were leaving becasue he was such an ass, nothing to do with her at all.

He came across as a mean drunk, and I can only p ity the people that have to interact with him on a daily basis.

David Cassidy needs help, and fast.

Posted by Lola33 on 11/21/2010 at 7:02 PM

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