Little Market Brasserie | Gold Coast/Mag Mile/Streeterville | Contemporary/Regional, Small Plates, Craft Cocktails | Restaurant
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Ryan Poli and the Mercadito team's foray into hotel dining, featuring cocktails from the Tippling Bros.

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Little Market Brasserie, from the Mercadito restaurant group, is actually fairly large, and the menu, though not long, is equally sprawling, ranging from ceviche to pasta to wedge salad to poutine. Fully a third of that is devoted to cocktails—including something called "charged cocktails": the restaurant makes its own sodas, in intriguing flavors like hibiscus-vanilla and cornflower-yuzu, and recommends alcohol pairings for each. I went with the blood orange-cinnamon soda mixed with bourbon, which ended up being slightly too sweet and a little weak. Otherwise, we got off to a good start with herbed, crispy pull-apart monkey bread and an excellent arugula salad with pear, crunchy slices of sunchoke, cheddar, and a sparingly applied red-wine vinaigrette. Things went downhill when the poutine arrived, though. The waitress told us that this was their most popular dish, but ours was a poor specimen, with not enough gravy or salt, and oddly lean-tasting short rib. The cheese curds were fried, which meant that they didn't meld with the fries—and the little gravy there was managed just managed to make the whole thing soggy. Things just got more puzzling from there. Semolina gnocchi, served in little blocks that looked a lot like polenta, were accompanied by oddly acidic creamed spinach, a flavor that didn't play well with the funkiness of the mushrooms in the dish. Our side of brussels sprouts, halved and deep-fried, arrived after the other dishes, but it didn't much matter—"I've never seen brussels sprouts prepared this way," my friend said. "Now I know why."

Julia Thiel

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This hotel restaurant and bar from the Mercadito restaurant group (Tavernita, Barcito) is actually fairly large, with a sprawling menu one third of which is devoted to Tippling Bros. drinks—including something called "charged cocktails." These comprise house-made sodas in intriguing flavors like hibiscus-vanilla and cornflower-yuzu mixed with recommended alcohol pairings. "Smoked and salted cream soda," extremely smoky and salty, was too intense on its own, but I wish I'd tried it with one of the suggested spirits (applejack or Irish whiskey). Instead I went with the blood orange-cinnamon soda mixed with bourbon, which ended up being slightly too sweet and a little weak. The place isn't cheap—but then again, we are in Streetervile. In a hotel restaurant. —Julia Thiel


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