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Like Deja Vu All Over Again 

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[Re: Hot Type, July 7]

Yeah, there's life after the Sun-Times, but if you stay in the news biz long enough, it stays in you the rest of your life. It's something you've got to learn to live with.

I did reporting, rewrite, etc for the Sun-Times 1949-60, and among the reasons I left were some cited by Maples and Jimenez. Pay was low; morale was low; budgets were tight. When Virginia Marmaduke left, she told me the business just wasn't the same. Take a cab? Forget it: Take a bus. Rent a car? No way. Wait three hours for a train.

With the death of one Marshall Field and the ascension of another, the paper quit speaking for the everyday working stiff and became ever-so-nicely Republican.

You couldn't beat the camaraderie at the paper, after work and at meetings of the police reporters and the Headline Club, but I had a wife and three kids. Tough to raise on $160 a week. And your future is what?

What's amazing is how much the world has changed since the 50s yet the complaints are still the same. The day I left, my legendary city editor, Karin Walsh, walked me to the cafeteria. "You're doing the right thing," he said of my departure. "The newspaper business will never change." Seems he was right.

Justin Fishbein

Highland Park


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