In Rotation: A Reader staffer shares three musical obsessions—then two others take a turn 

Leor Galil on No Anchor, Tom Cassling of Tyler Jon Tyler on Spotify, and Zach Medaris of Outer Minds on Tandoori Knights

Leor Galil, Reader music critic

Dumpster diving for records A couple of weeks ago, Reddit user brian001 posted a photo of heaps of water-damaged vinyl sitting in a Dumpster outside of local pressing plant Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. The LPs were there for the taking, so needless to say things were picked over by the time I arrived. Still, I went for the adventure, and rummaging through wet cardboard boxes for Big Star records proved to be a memorable hunt.

No Anchor, Real Pain Supernova (self-released) These Australian dudes combine lumbering, sludgy doom and 90s indie rock into one searing, brutal album. To continue with the album title's Oasis riffing, these guys are looking forward in anger.

The name of my new, nonexistent band On a recent visit to Trader Joe's, my friend Lauren and I contemplated splitting an entire pie. When an employee egged us on, I asked him to join us; he responded with a great turn of phrase—"three-way pie." Lauren declared it would be the name of her new band, and I wasted no time muscling my way into the group. We'll be the band for those with a taste for desserts and Deftones.

Next up: Shake Shop owner and drummer for Tyler Jon Tyler Tom Cassling is obsessed with . . .


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