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In Rotation: Alma Negra’s Erin Page on Neurosis, King Dude, and Thin Lizzy 

Plus: Reader music editor Philip Montoro on Egyptian pop singer Abou El Leef, Anatomy of Habit front man Mark Solotroff on Sisters of Mercy bootlegs, and more

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Erin Page, Guitarist and front woman of Alma Negra, what she's obsessed with. Her answers are …

Neurosis Their 1996 show at the Peoria Civic Center changed my path in music forever. I had never heard or seen anything like Neurosis before—the intense, pummeling sound and video made a startling connection. Sixteen years later, at the Metro on December 30, they proved they're still one of the heaviest, most innovative modern bands—no one can touch their synchronicity, and the dramatic impact they've made is immense. I eagerly await Corrections House, a new project involving vocalist-guitarist Scott Kelly.

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  • King Dude
  • John Watson

King Dude A solitary car drives in the moonlight, turning from a lonely desert road into a desolate, forgotten cemetery. The driver lights a cigarette and the dreams and tears of the dead fill his vision and heart. That's how I'd describe King Dude, one of my current favorite bands. Haunting vocals spin beautiful, unsettling tales of forbidden love and biblical analogies that remind me of a more countrified Nick Cave. Bleak guitar twang and dark melodies evoke visions that Poe might have had if he'd lived in the era of early rock 'n' roll.

Thin Lizzy, "Wild One" One of my favorites—the main harmonizing guitar line is so simply powerful, the essence of what makes an amazing hook. Maybe it wasn't Phil Lynott's intent, but for me everything about this song speaks to the piercing, endless longing of an aching heart—the paradox that the things that bring the most joy often bring the most pain.

King Dude opens for Chelsea Wolfe on Sat 1/19 at Schubas.

She asks …


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