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Last Tango in Paris

The operatic extravagance of Bernardo Bertolucci's style has emerged more clearly since this 1972 drama, which still managed to seem vaguely naturalistic in the midst of its extravagant camera moves and eccentric construction. The surface plausibility is probably the contribution of Marlon Brando, whose performance has strength and detail enough to counterbalance Bertolucci's taste for pure psychological essence. With Maria Schneider as Brando's lover and Jean-Pierre Leaud in the Ralph Bellamy part (he has a job). Photography by Vittorio Storaro. In English and subtitled French.



  • Bernardo Bertolucci


  • Marlon Brando
  • Maria Schneider
  • Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud
  • Darling Legitimus
  • Catherine Sola
  • Mauro Marchetti
  • Dan Diament


  • Alberto Grimaldi

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