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Last Bits of Color 

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To the editors:

I have used your paper for the past ten years or so and while I have not always agreed with your opinions have generally found your articles objective, well researched, and with a point. Until last week's article about my old landlady Rose and my friend Tina ["Tina and Rosie Don't Live Here Anymore," April 22].

I found the article scurrilous, fantasied, and perhaps most objectionably pointless. What good does it do to run down a couple of old ladies who did no more than add a little color--one of the last bits of color incidentally--to a neighborhood which has since become lifeless behind brick walls and alarm systems.

The article was not only objectionably abusive it was incredibly poorly researched and completely erroneous in most instances. These are real people here not some imagined characters in a sophomore journalism exercise. The "reporter" did not even bother to find out the essential, trivial things such as where Tina's living room was or who her tenant was.

More than anything I resent the statement that people prayed for Rose to die. The only thing that I pray dies is that "reporter's" career.

Nelson Foss

The heavy bald sweaty guy from downstairs


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