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A platter of Eritrean food at Keren Kitchen

A platter of Eritrean food at Keren Kitchen

Michael Gebert

A sunny Eritrean restaurant near Irving Park and Ashland

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The bowl of "foull," as they spell it at Keren Kitchen—a sunny Eritrean restaurant that takes its name from the country's second most populous city—makes for a pretty good breakfast. Eritrea's version of the mashed fava bean dish found at Middle Eastern restaurants, where it's often soupier, came with a baguette-like wheat bread, likely due to the Italian presence in Eritrea, as well as bits of hard-boiled egg, tomato, onion, goat cheese, and jalapeños, and a dash of berbere pepper. It was served with olive oil, though you also have the choice of tesmi, which is a clarified butter like ghee, but cooked with spices before it separates. Maybe because of the way it's served—communally on the spongy bread called enjera—it has a comforting feel. There's a printed menu, but only some of it is made each day, and it's probably more effective just to ask what they have—an assortment of vegetable or lentil dishes with a slight curry-like seasoning, and maybe a single beef or lamb stew.

Michael Gebert

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