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Re: “Headline Club will introduce an Anne Keegan award

@ Glissan: It wouldn't sound weird if you worked at the Tribune back then (or even now, sadly).

Posted by KarenCallaway on 06/30/2011 at 11:07 AM

Re: “Was Helen Thomas Too Old to Speak Her Mind?

After reading the comments, I find it amusing(?) that "ethicschair" found it preferable to use a pseudonym rather than his name---especially as it already was in play, per Mike's story: Kevin Smith.

Unless, of course, "ethicschair" is not Kevin Smith but rather someone who has appropriated the title...

If the latter is the case: My apologies to Kevin Smith. And this comment to the usurper: If you believe what you write, it follows that you stand by it and sign your name. Otherwise, why should I, or anyone, believe a word of it and take you seriously?

Of course, if "ethicschair" is Kevin Smith, my comment applies to you, too.

Karen A. Callaway

@ Brandon Ballenger: Thanks for your March 03 answer to the March 02 commentary by "ethicschair"---you very neatly hoisted him on his own petard (actually, several several petards).

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Posted by KarenCallaway on 06/05/2011 at 1:57 AM

Re: “Fraught House

"He prepared the piece and sent it to Hall, who marked it up a little and sent it back, and that's what went into the paper."

My jaw dropped when I read the preceding.

It's also not a good thing when the rule of prior restraint goes by the wayside. (I fondly remember a long-ago T-shirt the Chicago Daily News sold: "Journalists do it without prior restraint.")

Posted by KarenCallaway on 04/13/2011 at 12:30 AM

Re: “Says Randy Michaels — Trib Culture Isn't Vile, It's "Creative"

@Lou Grant: Unless I'm going crazy, there is no Doc. 5202 on the link you provided. ???

Karen Callaway

Posted by KarenCallaway on 10/08/2010 at 10:07 PM

Re: “The Berlin Wall Wasn't the Only One

@ Pelham:

You're welcome. I'm sure I don't comment as much as Al, though I do read the blog, and the comments.

And now to go completely off point...

It is so rare these days to find a place where the comments are almost always civil. This blog is one of them, as is Roger Ebert's Journal---which is, for me, the gold standard. And, of course, Gail Collins (love the S.Carolina series!); somehow, her wit has managed to deflect most all of the nastiness that's out there in CommentLand.

More and more, I find myself NOT going to the comments after reading something because I know what I will have to wade through to find a single decent (i.e., civil, thoughtful, etc.) one. To attempt a (sort of) play on words: Surely there's enough crude being spilled in the Gulf right now that I don't have to willingly subject myself to the verbal kind. I guess it's a good thing (to borrow Martha Stewart's phrase) that I still can be amazed---and, of course, disturbed--- at the amount of vitriol and hate out there. Obviously, and sadly, none realize their comments only reflect on them, not on who they are "talking" about.

I'm sure we'll exchange views again. Until then, have a good weekend---and, if you are a father, Happy Father's Day!


Posted by KarenCallaway on 06/19/2010 at 7:27 PM

Re: “The Berlin Wall Wasn't the Only One

@ Pelham:

And I concur with what Al said---both posts and all points.

Surprisingly, there is one department Mike Miner didn't mention in his lede: Advertising. THAT'S where the real divide always used to be at the Tribune. So I interpreted the "Berlin Wall" reference in the headline to be the fall of the separation between Editorial and Advertising. Imagine my surprise when he didn't mention Advertising at all. Circulation and Marketing were always second tier to Advertising, at least at the Tribune of old.

How do I (still) feel about that divide? Let me continue to be on record with this---I said it many times over the approximately 20 years I was Special Sections Editor (Al may even have heard me say it, once he got to Features): "As far as Editorial-Advertising separation goes, Special Sections has a better church/state record than the federal government."

Posted by KarenCallaway on 06/19/2010 at 2:57 AM

Re: “The Berlin Wall Wasn't the Only One

Call me contrary, but a little historical background is needed here...

Having worked at the Trib (in Editorial) for 35 years, through 2004, I know that such cross-departmental efforts also went on when other teams were in the finals of their respective sports. Many of the things Karwath cites here also were done for the Bears and the Bulls, across all the departments. (I left before the Sox won the World Series in 2005, but I suspect much the same things would hae been done for that team's run at the title.)

By all means, bash the folks running the paper/company for what they have done to lower the standards (and the intelligence level---good-bye, Hugh) of the paper and the company. But in this case, I think your bashing is misplaced.

Karen Callaway

Posted by KarenCallaway on 06/18/2010 at 3:39 PM

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