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Judge Bites Dog 

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To the editors:

It was refreshing to read about Criminal Court Judge William Cousins in Steve Bogira's article "He Can't Stop Trying" (8-12-88). In this age of the Greylord scandal we ordinary folks can't help but wonder if any of these leaders of our system of law and order are even as trustworthy as most of the people they put behind bars. It is important to be reminded that there are some judges (and other public officials as well), like Cousins, who take their jobs seriously, put in long hours, and are above being swayed by bribes or personal sentiments.

My major concern is that, given the norms and morals of the society that I thought I grew up in, Bogira's article would never have been written. Why not? Because the Cousins story would not be interesting or unusual; it would not make good copy. A judge or public official doing their job properly and without their fingers in the cookie jar would merely be expected. It would not be written up in the Reader of all places!

Is this what society or the microsociety of Chicago has come to? Are our standards of behavior so low that we are pleasantly surprised at decency? Kinda makes you think of the latter days of the Roman Empire. Maybe I better sell my stocks and buy some canned goods.

William W. Garfield

N. Oakley


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