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The Whoevers

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When: Thu., June 25, 9:30 p.m. 2015
Price: $10
These days Netflix and the like release an entire season’s worth of TV-show episodes in a single day, allowing viewers to quickly lap them up. Local hip-hop duo the Whoevers took a more traditional approach with their latest project, Marathon, recording ten songs (or “episodes”) and since March releasing one every two weeks via Soundcloud. Though artists are more and more geared toward putting out strings of singles rather than full albums, what the Whoevers are doing with Marathon feels purposeful: the duo’s cool, self-possessed vibe helps the tracks released so far cohere, and the well-established and well-promoted release schedule allows listeners to immerse themselves in a single with the knowledge of when the next one will hit. And MCs DotKom and J. Arthur drop buoyant, swerving lines with enough color that each song can stand by itself and still be absorbing. The rappers’ performances blend easily with their instrumentals even when they tone down their animated flows to fit the seductive aura of the 808-splattered nu-R&B tune “Request Line.” —Leor Galil


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