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Re: “NLRB to Columbia College: Take this pledge

Well, Kronos the Monkey,
at least I had the guts to sign my real name, and didn't need to lower myself to name calling!
(" bootlicker." Really!? Seriously?!)

Although I will use one now. The word is, "bully" and bully is exactly what you trying to do to me, here in your post. Anyone who speaks up against Ms. Vallera, is immediately attacked as an ignorant, stupid, union busting fool, who is only a lackey to the Administration.

I must congratulate you on your efforts. I think this "scare" tactic has been VERY effective in silencing other P-fac members who feel the same way I do. They are there, and you know it, despite what I'm sure will be loud protestations to the contrary.

...and last thing - I'd love to see that list of the "many" classes I was given as a reward for my "bootlicking." What a crock! I'm in the same boat as everyone else!

...or didn't you actually read my post?!

John morrison

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Posted by johnMorrison on 04/02/2013 at 11:04 PM

Re: “NLRB to Columbia College: Take this pledge

As a P-fac member myself, teaching some of the same classes, in the "Studio" program of Columbia's Photo Dept. curriculum, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in the NLRB's decision!!!

Here's why:

In order to go right to the heart of it - I'm basing the following statements on the personal experience and knowledge I've garnered while working with Ms. Vallera as a colleague, as well as, admittedly, on my own opinions, in part.

However, I'm also basing these statements on the facts, as presented in the Columbia Chronicle article, "NRLB Trial concludes," by Lindsey Woods & Alexandra Kukulka, published 12/03/12,which can be found at:…

My first points regard the following quote from your article above:
"...Columbia was instructed to, among other things, remove from its files any reference to its decision to discipline P-fac president Diana Vallera for "telling others about her belief that [Columbia] conducted surveillance at her home." (Columbia denied this.) "

Your article does not mention the fact that Ms. Vallera's, "...telling others'..." is inclusive of a Police Report that she filed which charges both the school's General Counsel's office, and specific individuals in that office! This is particularly serious issue in this case, and elicited such as strong response from Columbia's Administration, at least in part because, while the suggestion of illicit or unethical practices by anyone can be damaging to their career, it can be exceptionally so for a lawyer. (All of those charged in the Police report are lawyers.):

"According to Strazewski’s testimony, he was in charge of “fact finding” after a charge of misconduct was made," (by the school, against Ms. Vallera) "which required him to interview Vallera and the college’s General Counsel staff, who have been accused of surveillance, to figure out what happened. During their discussion, Vallera at first denied a police report was made, but “ultimately” admitted one was, he said.
The two attorneys in the General Counsel’s office proved they were at work the day of the alleged surveillance, Strazewski said."
-for source please see:…

Additionally, the article does not mention the fact that the NRLB, itself, investigated and DISMISSED those charges: "The NLRB dismissed the charges against the college June 29 on grounds that they were “lacking sufficient evidence.”
-for source please see:…

My last point regards the following quote from your article above:
"The college was also ordered to compensate Vallera for wages and benefits she lost due to its 'discrimination against her.'"

As I stated earlier, I work in the same part of the curriculum in Columbia's Photography program, teaching some of the same, and other similar classes,
as Ms. Vallera. For her to claim "discrimination" against the Dept. or Administration for being cut back to only one class a semester is complete, utter, and total BULLSHIT!!!

As far as I know, ALL OF US ARE IN THE SAME BOAT!!!!!

After teaching 15+ continuous years at Columbia, (again, basically the same program, same classes) and teaching two classes a semester for at least the most recent 10 years of that time, I, also, am only teaching ONE class. This is my third semester in a row, teaching only ONE class, and as far as I know, most, if not indeed ALL, of the part-timers teaching in this portion of the curriculum have experienced the same drop, from two classes, down to one! Despite this FACT, Ms. Vallera has the gall to claim she's being discriminated against!…?! And worse, she's going to receive BACK PAY!…?!!!! I'm not getting any back pay, and I don't know anyone else who is…

Ms. Vallera will likely insist that I have continued to teach two classes. Please allow me to explain: When we speak of classes, we usually mean a full 3 credit class consisting of a 4 hour lecture/demonstration/lab class once a week, and whatever work is needed outside of that meeting time. My "2nd" class over the last three semesters has consisted of counseling and coordinating students for Internships they do with various "employers" both within, and outside of Columbia for which I am paid for 1 credit. Considering the the hours I put in helping students, (a labor of love, I must admit) and the fact that it's only a third of the pay, I don't think it's fair to equate that with what we mean when we say a, "2nd" class.

Oh yes, and one more thing… If you look at the schedule of the aforementioned curriculum for this Spring 2013 (current) semester, you'll see that there is one, and only one instructor who does, indeed, have two classes…That's right! You guessed it! The answer is Diana Vallera!

From where I sit, it looks an awful lot like she's abusing her power as P-fac President to garner special pay and treatment for herself (herself being the ONLY thing I can see that really cares about.) Anyone who thinks she helping the part-time faculty at Columbia College, just simply isn't looking at the facts!

Thanks for your time.


John Morrison

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Posted by johnMorrison on 03/23/2013 at 2:38 AM

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