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Re: “Why Jill Stein is asking for ‘trouble’

"Perhaps your impression that the president is essentially a dictator who can decide to do or not do things as the whim strikes him or her is the problem here"

Obama told us in meetings, flat out... he would come down hard on Wall Street's worst offenders causing our '07 financial collapse which damn near bankrupted the planet. By the time he was elected Bush had the worst approval ratings of any president in modern history (22%). Obama had a mandate.

We took encouragement from Paul Volcker's prominent position in his transition team, who advised Reagan when his economic proposals were going south and successfully turned things around. Volcker was telling BO they needed to brake up the big banks that caused this catastrophe (massive fraud), not bail them out, & a whole host of measures to cut the cancer of WS's domination in US economy.

We all know what happened: BO tossed Volcker before he was inaugurated. He ran with Geithner, a complete and total WS insider and not only continued Bush's bailouts but increased them. Our economy still has not recovered.

AFAIC, BO did not exercise the courage needed for that day. He just went with the flow.

He did the same thing in IRAQ/ME, even expanding our torture program. He had one of the most qualified Energy Secretaries in the country (Dr. Steven Chu) who made a ton of amazing proposals to move us to a lower carbon footprint: BO put him on the backburner, and implemented practically nothing Chu proposed.


Perhaps you are satisfied with status quo, with incremental adjustments in policy that has little effect on so many detiorating conditions the US could change: carbon footprint/climate, massive $$ into ME wars that have made things worse with no end in sight, and an economy running on vapors still dominated by investment directed by the same crooks who almost bankrupted us.

Obama could have told the truth: that Bush/Cheney flat out lied us into Iraq. He could have directly invested federal $$ in lieu of WS bailouts (that largely were used by Goldman, CHASE etc. to make money on offshore carry trades, which has kept our interest rated near rock bottom for 8 years). Right on down the line, AFAIC BO is a nice guy who when it's all said and done, has continued GWB's disastrous policies.

I think we need a transformational leader. Obama wasn't it. Trump is just plain scary. Hillary has been on the wrong side of everything we've done in the ME and her statements are clear she will continue endless wars. The daily coverage of these 2 is banal, juvenile and disgusting.... nothing worthwhile from any of it. I have abandoned the "lesser of 2 evils" presidential voting strategy seemingly dominating the landscape

Stein definitely has transformational ideas, and I am convinced they could work if given a chance. Unfortunately, he's largely ignored with mis-characterizations without her platform being presented to the public on it's own merits. I think her "Green New Deal" is the best political proposal I've heard in my lifetime.

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Posted by Jim McKay on 09/15/2016 at 3:24 PM

Re: “Why Jill Stein is asking for ‘trouble’

I am 60, voted mostly Dem most of my life. I have given up on both major parties, AFAIC little distinguishes them any longer. The US has been stuck in reverse since 2000. I took 6 months off work to run Obama's offices here in Albuquerque in '08, and he did nothing he promised us he would do.

I have become an ardent Jill Stein supporter. With that said...

> Jill Stein won't win Illinois or get within spitting distance of becoming
> our next president, even if—as Stein herself noted several times—she's
> running against two of the least-popular candidates in history.

I have grown so frustrated with media, reporting on Stein as you do.

As evidenced by commenters here, she has largely been mischaracterized by media, right wing bloggers and such who have persuaded many of things she never said, did or has a position for. Most of these, her platform is unrelated to what commenters say and extremely detailed in her proposals. She has never associated with anti-vaxxers.

You (writer) conclude what the general consenus seems to believe (she doesn't have "spitting chance") and dismisses her whole heartedly without at minimum, giving a detailed explanation of her proposals. Come on guys, show some courage: you are journalists, not transcribers of an echo chamber. Please do your research and explain her policies and SHE has written, not preceded by entire dismissal before she even gets a proper introduction.

> America's political power is simply too entrenched within the Democratic and Republican Parties,

Sigh... they are 2 parties now, rotten to the core. All we hear is food fights, what's wrong the the other from their campaigns and mouths... day after day after f&*&^ng day. No wonder Americans don't vote, and things never change.

Maybe it's time to look at Stein OUTSIDE the context of all this juvenile idiocy. Stein has some "radical" ideas, yes. But only compared to these 2 and our presidents and congress since at least GWB. Things, obviously... are not going to change without new ideas. We don't hear them from Trump or Hillary. Please... just once, give Stein's ideas and proposals a thorough explanation on their own merit & try and look forward to see how these could play out in the world. AFAIC, her "Green New Deal" is the best proposal I've heard from any politician anywhere in my lifetime.

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Posted by Jim McKay on 09/15/2016 at 12:32 PM

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