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Is This Paper Inconsistently Offensive? 

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To the editors:

Your Reader's Guide to the Silver Screen (July 3) starts out describing Blazing Saddles with "fag jokes, nigger jokes, Jewish jokes . . .

Why the apparent double standard?

Look, i belong to two of the above referred to groups, and i'm in love with a member of the third; so you could say i'm in a position to speak with some credentials.

Either it's "Gay jokes, African-American (or Black) jokes" or it's "kike jokes." Then there would at least be consistency (or) political correctness. As it reads now you're just plain wrong on both counts.

And while i'm not real big on being consistent or politically correct, in the above case it seems to me that a basic sensitivity to the issues of oppression, degradation, and death that the derogatory labels connotate (especially when used by hate mongers) requires you to be more careful in what you print.

Only you can answer for sure the "whys" of your printing the above.

David Klein

N. Clarendon


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