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June 11, 2015 Slideshows » Blogs


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OF 9
Michael Gebert
Island Creek oyster, with gin and pickles
Michael Gebert
Preserved foie gras tart with salted strawberries, hazelnut milk, and radishes
Michael Gebert
Hand-sliced Spanish Cinco Jotas Ibérico ham, with bread and cultured butter
Michael Gebert
Pike boudin quenelle in onion, lettuce, snap peas, ramps, egg yolk and smoked lamb's tongue
Michael Gebert
Whole roasted abalone, French white asparagus, morels, egg
Michael Gebert
Roasted poularde, lobster, morcilla, fava beans, madeira and black truffle sauce
Michael Gebert
Roasted hay custard, fresh crème, maple syrup
Michael Gebert
Bourbon tea baba
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