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Grittier Than Thou 

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To the editor:

Ted Kleine's entertaining factoids about Michigan ("Native Tongues: Turning Yoopanese," Reader, June19) contained a historical error worth correcting. The members of the MC5 were all from Detroit and indeed got their start in Detroit. The MC5, along with John Sinclair's Trans-Love Energies, relocated to Ann Arbor in June 1968, three years into their career, to escape increasingly aggressive law enforcement hassles in Detroit.

Laurel Legler

David Thomas


"MC5: A True Testimonial"

Ted Kleine replies:

I wrote that the MC5 hailed from Ann Arbor but "claimed gritty Detroit origins." The Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons also fled to the suburbs but kept their inner-city names, and no one questions their grittiness. So I apologize for questioning the MC5's. Also, in my glossary of downstate slang, I wrote that San Jose, Illinois, is pronounced San JO-zee. In fact, natives call it San JOZE. I regret the error, but I would like to point out that the founders of San Jose made an even bigger one when they named their town.


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