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Grave Miasma

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Grave Miasma, Funeral Nation, Pigs Blood Recommended Soundboard

When: Mon., May 30, 8:30 p.m. 2016
Price: $20, $17 in advance
I could explain that anonymous London death-metal four-piece Grave Miasma (the members identify themselves only as A, D, R, and Y) play death metal tinged with black metal and doom, but that would help only those of you who have a handle on the basic taxonomy of the devil’s music. So I’ll use a metaphor. Imagine fell beasts of various species sorting out their differences beneath a vast soot-colored shroud, so that all you can see are lunging, undifferentiated bulks—you can’t even tell how many of them there are under there, much less which one might be the next to fight its way free and fillet you with its claws. That’s a little like the experience of listening to Grave Miasma’s new Endless Pilgrimage EP (Profound Lore), their fourth release and the first since the 2013 LP Odori Sepulcrorum. The band’s tangled, murky metal seems to make a trap-door shift in tempo and meter every few bars, creating a patchwork of rampaging blastbeats, lopsided rumbles, and martial stomps. The riffs are clear and memorable, at least by the standards of their subgenre—though the twin guitars constantly knot and unravel, they don’t congeal into a shapeless Lovecraftian morass, instead moving stepwise as crisply as the arc from a Tesla coil. The hoarse, athletic bellowing of the band’s front man adds little melodic interest, but I doubt it’s intended to—the guitars are front and center here, especially when a squalling solo arcs out of the darkness like a white-hot volcanic bomb launched from the heart of an infernal caldera. This is Grave Miasma’s Chicago debut.
— Philip Montoro



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