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Grant Good: Peter Bad 

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Dear Reader,

Peter Margasak, huh. He's Wyman's replacement, right? Yeah, "Post No Bills," that's really clever. Peter, was that your brainstorm or your editor's? I guess it really doesn't matter, unless of course your life is so lame that you actually rely on Critic's Choices to give you something to do. But I do have to tell you, Peter, that your catty little swipe at Grant Tye [December 25] was so unfounded, so juvenile, so plainly mean-spirited that it renders everything else you say completely worthless. I know dozens upon dozens of musicians who have nothing but the highest respect for Grant's guitar abilities. I know hundreds of music lovers who find Grant to be a compelling artist. He has worked on countless projects over the last decade and always brought a high level of creativity and determination. Every project benefited from his participation.

I know that Robbie Fulks loves Grant and his playing. Peter, you make Robbie seem like he doesn't know his own business. Of course, as a writer for a free publication you're eminently qualified to tell people how to improve their lives. However, I must make one observation. For all the people I know who love and appreciate Grant Tye, I don't know one person who thinks you're a good writer.

Pat Brennan

Hubbard Street



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