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Good Guys Follow the Rules 

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Thank you for your recent story on torture. It's been just two weeks since photographic proof finally thrust the story into the mainstream media and already torture apologists are asking that we forget about it and return our attention to the "war on terror"--the irony being that it was their diversion of funds and forces to invade unrelated Iraq that effectively ended our participation on that front. The apologists seem to feel our torture is more acceptable than Saddam's because it's less likely to leave marks.

Your story reminds us that disregard for human rights and acceptance of torture spawned overseas can easily find fertile soil here at home. In our desperation to consider ourselves the "good guys" we quickly forget it isn't the color of our flag or the name of our god that makes us good. "Good guys" follow the rules, particularly when they had a strong hand in crafting them. "Good guys" do not view the rules as obstacles and search for ways around them. "Good guys" who behave the same as "bad guys" are "bad guys."

If our actions are not good and our government suggests we turn a blind eye, it is time we change both our actions and government.

Simon Clements



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