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June 29, 2012 Slideshows » Food & Drink

Gilt Bar's Manny Sofios makes the Culo Fizz 

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Challenged with natto, fermented soybeans, Manny Sofios (Gilt Bar, Au Cheval) makes the Culo Fizz
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Andrea Bauer
Natto, fermented soybeans, is typically served over sticky rice as a breakfast food in Japan.
Andrea Bauer
"It's pretty vile," says Sofios.
Andrea Bauer
"If you're going to do something gnarly like this, you might as well fight fire with fire," said Sofios. He opted to go with Rock Sake Cloud, which is filtered only roughly—hence its milky color.
Andrea Bauer
To make the cocktail, begin by filling a well-chilled collins glass with club soda to about a third full.
Andrea Bauer
Plop about two tablespoons of natto into a shaker.
Andrea Bauer
Add two ounces of Rock Sake Cloud.
Andrea Bauer
To that add one ounce of egg white, three quarters of an ounce simple syrup, and an ounce of lemon juice.
Andrea Bauer
Vigorously dry-shake (i.e., shake without ice) to emulsify the egg. Then add three ice cubes and shake some more, using a forward-and-back motion in addition to moving up and down.
Andrea Bauer
Strain into a container ("I'm getting some of the chunkiness of the natto," said Sofios). Then strain again: "You always want to double-strain egg white cocktails anyway."
Andrea Bauer
The resulting mixture
Andrea Bauer
Add to the club soda.
Andrea Bauer
The Culo Fizz, riding high
Andrea Bauer
Manny Sofios at Gilt Bar
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