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Re "A Job Half Done" by Ben Joravsky, October 11

It's amazing that they couldn't get an ambulance on the field for that injured QB. I worked on the set of a major motion picture shot at Lane Stadium over several nights in May and on the sidelines and on the field were every piece of movie-making equipment you can imagine (some quite large), vintage automobiles, and hundreds of movie people, actors and extras. It sounds like Lane officials simply weren't prepared for a medical emergency, which in the context of high school sports is nearly criminal.


Re "Second Rate? Or Second City Syndrome?" by Deanna Isaacs, October 11

Crosshair printshop at the Butcher Shop, Siebren Versteeg and ArtLoinz, Academy Records, Temporary Services, Erick Brown, Rob [Kelly] and Zena Sakowski, and Chuck Jones are only a few who deserve to be represented in the rock show at the MCA. But if your big-time curators don't go out of their offices how would they know or even understand.

pedro velez

Re "A Promise Made to Be Broken" by Ben Joravsky, October 4

Since when is "the community" concerned about the Japanese garden in Jackson Park? To even call the "Osaka Gardens" a "Japanese garden" should be embarrassing for any Chicagoan who's actually been to a reasonably authentic Japanese garden. The last time I was there, there were neighborhood kids fishing for the koi, for Christ's sake. Not to mention it has few of the refined details that make a Japanese garden more than just stylized nature. A few Shinto shrines and a vaguely Asian-styled gazebo do not a Japanese garden make.


Re "Get in the (Pink) Van" by Kelly McClure, October 11

It never ceases to amaze me that people like this girl are so upset at anyone who "pushes their views" on them if those views happen to disagree with the homosexual lifestyle.

Yet it's OK for her to be doing that exact thing to others. So much so that she's putting all of the time and effort that it takes to make a film on it.

Nobody sees the inconsistency of this?



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