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Frisbie Toss 

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Your review of Frisbie displayed clearly what a lazy journalist you are [July 14]. Your criticism of the band was laughable. You say their main weakness is their drummer's lack of willingness to break a sweat. You've obviously only seen them live once and drew broad-stroke conclusions by that single performance. Zack Kantor is known for his boundless energy behind the kit and if you had taken the time to investigate the matter before stamping your ignorant judgment on the band, you might merit keeping your job. Is J.R. Jones an alias for Jim DeRogatis? I hope you were at the Double Door that Friday, because Zack set the place on fire, and drove the band, which is par for him. If you were, you must have felt like an asshole. Before you slam people in a public forum, do your damn homework. The Chicago Reader's Achilles' heal is that they hire lazy-ass punks to stand in judgment of those who not only work harder than they do, but actually have something of value to offer.

F.U. Jones.


Rogers Park

J.R. Jones replies:

I've seen Frisbie three times, opening for the Slugs, the Blacks, and Big Star.


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