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Re: “Why we need alternative news sources

I've written lots about the prison industry, the police state, the Callion Hamblin murder by the law in the streets of Farmington here... And there's some erotica there you might also enjoy, and I do think it's well-written. You'll also find tales and pics of lesbian women if you're interested in the LGBT experience in Southeastern Missouri.

And if you care to see who I think is actually fighting for my freedom and not just idiotically serving (as in servile) the interests of the rich against their own communities, you can check out this truly shocking event and website

Posted by Frances Madeson on 10/12/2012 at 10:40 AM

Re: “A small-town newspaper publisher's alternative universe

I don't know about that, Trudestress, I loved your comment and I doubt you would have submitted it but for the "controversy."

Cunt's a perfectly good Scrabble word. Old? I'm 56. So yeah, I guess that makes me an old cunt.

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Posted by Frances Madeson on 10/10/2012 at 5:40 PM

Re: “Why we need alternative news sources

Did you even read our paper? Did you see the time and care, the hours touring with the mayor, the in-depth interviews with the alderman, chamber of commerce director, regional economist, local business owners, the good folks volunteering at the food pantry? Did you see the fiction by local authors, the elaborate literary interviews, the many shows of creativity and imagination? The time I spent with the children, the confrontation with the newest predatory lender on the block, the permaculture, meditation, food and humor columns? The focus on new births, the worries and hopes of their mothers, the interesting conversations with visiting artists? Anywhere there was a spark of creativity, participation, communitarian spirit, The Crier was there. Did you notice the promotion of cross-county initiatives, the perceptions column, the excellent photography, the words of surprise or inspiration? Did you even read the last issue, where intelligent voices far more thoughtful, generous and informed than your own had a chance to shine? There was and is nothing like this newspaper in Southeastern Missouri; I couldn't be prouder of it, it's one of the best things I've done in my life of letters, and I've done a lot of really cool things.

If you know the terrain so well, then you know exactly the players who had been going around town confronting my advertisers since the very first shows of creativity, imagination and critical thinking, way before we ever got to the point we got to in issue 3.6. Leading by example is exactly what they wanted to quash, especially if the example was one of challenge as it clearly said in the headline on page one above the fold of the offending issue (3.6). Pussyfooting around FredMo is not exactly my idea of a good time, bi-,etc... So I put it to the "community." Are you going to tolerate diversity of opinion and modes of expression, and not just tolerate, but passionately support an organ who has the moxie to resist the "powers" that be? And I put "powers" in quotes because it's a house of cards that could have been blown down with a whisper more of collective bravado. Still could be.

But for the efforts of a handful of local bullies and naysayers who incited outrage against the paper, and in the total absence (and this is important to note) of any other leadership--no calm and wise voices from the christian church leadership asking what would Jesus do? let's walk with Frances and The Crier in their troubled time!; no one from the chamber or city/county government saying, wait now, we need an alternative viewpoint to keep us sharp; no vets coming forth and saying, she's right, it really sucks having PTSD and I don't want my little brother to have to endure it. But for that, the response could have been a hmmm...maybe...why, yes! But everyone but for a few erect adults, long cowed and bullied and as you say, brainwashed, played their ordained roles of "who me, speak out?" to perfection. Buit bi-,etc...Without an actively engaged readership and advertisers who want to court such people, smart and sensitive folks who could see where we were headed and wanted to come along for an interesting, stimulating, FREEING ride, I got better things to do with my time.

As for creating possibilities for young people, it is my dream and my goal to do just that. To open the printing press in the historic building where the predatory lender has ensconced itself with a 10-year lease in full anticipation of a steady flow of desperately poor people to fill its coffers at interest rates of 190% (not a typo). To create jobs for the many developmentally disabled people who seem to have found their way to Madison County, to stage marvelous community events such as the stargazing (through telescopes) one we had planned at Vance's, a chance for everyone's children and their parents to see distant galaxies.

So yes, I hear you about leading by example. But if there are no takers, what's a girl to do?

Posted by Frances Madeson on 10/10/2012 at 2:07 PM

Re: “A small-town newspaper publisher's alternative universe

What's the matter, FGFM? Can't have a conversation if it's not on your terms within your strict parameters of propriety, or in an agreeable (to you) mode of expression?

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Posted by Frances Madeson on 10/10/2012 at 11:37 AM

Re: “A small-town newspaper publisher's alternative universe

Why troll?

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Posted by Frances Madeson on 10/09/2012 at 2:30 PM

Re: “A small-town newspaper publisher's alternative universe

Your established processes are not doing a bit of good, Stef, but how lovely for you to get to be a good girl and obey them and to try to afflict and enforce that obeisance on other women like me with your "vanity" label. What's next for you? Holding down the girls on the table for a little female genital mutilation? I'd rather be a monster of impropriety.

Ethics! Every Christmas around here the locals hold a trivia night to raise money to buy socks for homeless vets. What are the ethics of homeless vets? I notice that the question of ethics almost always gets raised when someone is trying to confront the insanity and misery that passes for our status quo.

And really now, don't you find it the least bit interesting that the young marine in question never weighed in? That it's his parents, most particularly his father, that did all the complaining and breast beating? Letting my imagination roam free I can think of a million things more fun and interesting the young dude would probably rather be doing than being "broken" in a boot camp.

While you were composing your exquisite comment, I spent a good portion of the weekend at the 4-day Moving Wall event here in Farmington (a replica of the Vietnam War Memorial that travels around) talking to people from the VFW and American Legion Posts, and the Patriot Honor Guard. Amazing how much common ground there is, amazing how the people I spoke to know that the government is using the cover of war to shake us down further of our liberties and treasury. One woman there told me about her son who upon his return from 2 tours in Iraq spent nine months in his bedroom, his only forays were out to the kitchen to retrieve food which he ate alone back in his bedroom. At the end of the nine months he emerged to tell his mother that he wanted to go back, that he didn't fit in here any more.

Were those some of the benefits to active-duty soldiers and their families you had in mind?

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Posted by Frances Madeson on 10/09/2012 at 8:27 AM

Re: “A small-town newspaper publisher's alternative universe

The original IAC,
The promiscuous killing will stop or slow down when they don't have dupes or employees of no recourse to do it. You and I have absolutely no ability to influence what happens once the children have been pulled in.

My whole life, from my teenage years until this very second, has been marred and stained by the violence rampage my country has been on via its offense forces. Both in terms of the unimaginably disrespectful moral toll which is impossible to avoid (as Stef recognizes above) no matter how good of a person you might attempt to be in your individual life, as well as the economic price paid by the commonweal, more apparent now in austerity. I'm sick of it and thought while I'm still vigorous and able to try to do something about it. It gives my life meaning to be part of a struggle to assert peace over endless war, and if you read my novel Cooperative Village, to suggest amends for those we've harmed.

These questions about WWII or other "good" wars, and I often hear them, are exactly the wrong questions to be asking. Instead of justifying the carnage of yore, how about an inquiry as to what else could have been done before the scenarios ever deteriorated and escalated to the point of armed conflict? Why are those discussions quashed or marginalized?

But here's my main question, What would it take to make you stop on a dime and do a 180?

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Posted by Frances Madeson on 10/08/2012 at 7:45 AM

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