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Colombian rotisserie chicken joint offering a superior hen soup.

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The resurrection of this one-time North Center Colombian restaurant perpetuates this area's saturation of South American rotisserrie chicken joints. As at the Peruvian Fina Estampa a little ways east, Flying Chicken doesn't seem to be wooing many customers away from the established and far busier Brasa Roja or D'Candela, and consequently can't maintain a consistent turnover of fresh, hot birds that haven't been held and reheated at the expense of their vital fluids. For that matter, so go the tired, dry arepas and the picada Colombiana, an initially impressive large wooden bowl filled with overfried, toothpick-speared sausage, chiccharones, riblets, cassava, and potato chunks. That along with wan, rubbery garlic shrimp with iceberg lettuce doesn't bode well for the selection of steaks and seafood items. However, the leftover birds are pulling their weight, contributing to a mean sanocho de gallina (hen soup) with a rich, thick stock made from gizzards, livers, and necks. They could downsize to a mobile cart dishing out this stuff and I'd be happy.

Mike Sula

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