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Sushi bar from one of the owners of Uptown's Dib.

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Ravenswood has no shortage of sushi places, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at Fin Sushi. On a recent night, the shiny BYO corner spot was filled and refilled with smiling locals and their clinking chopsticks. Owner Tai Thongthomya, whose family also owns Uptown's Dib Sushi Bar and Thai Cuisine, borrows from its concept and menu with similarly successful results. Starters were impressive: a spicy oyster baked in a piquant mayo under an orange blanket of burst roe and a single basil leaf was sweetly, glidingly delicious, and a Chef's Choice sashimi, although playing it safe with salmon, tuna, and yellowtail, still featured thick, unsullied slices of raw fish. As at Dib, specialty sushi rolls are eclectic: the Snow Burn combines fried plantains, jalapenos, and cilantro rolled inside a toasted, pristinely virginal superwhite tuna contrasting with heaps of black roe. But a spinach-roasted duck was a disaster, with lukewarm strips of underseasoned meat lying limply over the greens. Much better was the honey-walnut shrimp tempura. Entrees include the obligatory pad thai and crazy noodles, but a solid block of slightly coarse sea bass, one of at least a dozen offerings asterisked for hotness, was actually hot, saturated by a sweet basil sauce that called less for chopsticks and more for an eager fork and thumb.

Izidora Angel

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